Monday, August 29, 2011

Keeping Good Company

I've been raised by many different people. Certainly not for any short-comings from my parents, but because as I grew upward and outward I needed foundational support in all directions. When I started branching out in the photographic community there was one person in particular that reached out to me as a mentor, spiritual advisor, and surrogate mother. As privileged as I felt, she spared no one the same courtesy. Even my Honduran student who spoke no English had the chance to meet her and still speaks of her radiance today. When I give workshops, or simply talk about photography, it is my goal to translate even a smidgen of the substance that she so generously gave her students. Nancy Rotenberg, a photographer, poet, writer, speaker, wife, friend, and teacher passed away Friday night and I can't find the words to explain how sad I am for everyone who didn't get to meet her. She was a selfless life-lover and lived deliberately. I always found it funny that Nancy spoke about the roots of inspiration by "keeping good company" with other artists, musicians, cooks, dancers, and even athletes when I knew that everyone listening thought that she was the best company you could ever keep.

We will miss you, Nancy.

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