Thursday, September 13, 2012

Caption Contest on Facebook

"Bird statue. Bird statue. Nothing happening here; just move along" - Lynnie Raybuck (Wednesday Sept 13th winner)

Sorry for my absence on the blog but I've been giving more attention lately to my other neglected child: Facebook. If you haven't logged on to find the fan page where I post almost daily images then you're missing out. Here's the link: Facebook Fan Page

This week I've been posting various bird images and opening up the comment section to visitors to submit their most clever captions in hopes of winning a 2013 National Audubon calendar. I have plenty to give away, so feel free to share the contest with friends. Here are Tuesday's winners:

"The guys at Paul Mitchel called it edgy... is it me?" - Janie Yancey

"Hide ya kids, hide ya wife!" - Winston Nagan (referencing this)