Sunday, April 18, 2010

Terra Firma: Home Sweet Home

I’m one of the few people down here who hasn’t quite accepted life in the Florida Keys. I refuse to buy a “Salt Life” sticker, I don't own a pair of jorts, I haven't memorized the happy hour specials, I still get queasy on rough seas, and I’d do anything for a nice firm oak canopy. I just wasn’t built for the ocean. Don’t get me wrong, it’s beautiful down here, and I love the swamps and mangroves, it’s just hard not to feel a little trapped when my favorite destinations to photograph are two hours away. This weekend I drove back up to Gainesville to visit with my family and recharge my batteries.

I realized how much I miss the smell of cows, the shade and openness of a live oak hammock, and of course, my family.

My first morning back, I woke up and photographed the sunrise as I always do when coming home. 

Live Oaks receiving morning light on the perimeter of Kanapaha Prairie

I have photographed this tree hundreds of times and I never get tired of it. I liked the way
the sun and the clouds played together on this one to give the image of the "burning bush."

This image would be impossible without high dynamic range technology. I combined three 
exposures to yield one final image so no tonality would be lost between the fog, sky, and shadows.

We live in a beautiful place, and no matter how many times I’ve roamed the prairie shooting into the rising run, I always seem to find new images. 

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  1. Nice pics of Kanapaha Matt.