Thursday, April 29, 2010

Garl's Coastal Kayaking

Garl Harrold is a kayaking guide based out of Key Largo, Florida. He leads some of the most educational and adventure-packed paddling trips in South Florida. Currently he is the only guide outside of the park permitted to take guests into the Everglades. Recently, we have started talking about the possibility of combining forces and taking guests out on photography workshops based on the locations Garl targets as high wildlife or scenic zones. Covering both the Florida Bay and Everglades National Park, I think we would have plenty of opportunities send people home with a portfolio of beautiful images.

Garl Harrold paddling with his sidekick River, an Australian shepherd who helps keep all
the kayakers together. 

We stopped to watch the sunset and I climbed into a mangrove 
island. The sand flies are getting pretty bad this time of year,
but with a little grit, good things can come from patience. 

We took a trial run into the Florida Bay with some friends to see how the dynamic would work and to better understand the complications of bringing electronic gear in a kayak with novice paddlers. I’m optimistic, but then again I treat my cameras a little different than most weekend warriors.

The last light of dusk, just before heading back to the boat ramp.

We are still working out the details but if anyone were interested in something like this, we would love a chance to show you our side of the Everglades.  

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