Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day

Presidential overthrow march - Lucio Gutierrez - Quito, Ecuador - 2005 - Photo © Mac Stone
Seven years ago in Ecuador I watched as Quito fell apart during a violent presidential overthrow. Molotov cocktails rained from the sky and buses burned in the street. It was a terribly sad time. Friends of mine were rushed to the hospital 
after getting hit by tear gas bombs and the citizens of Quito lost all faith that democracy was on their side. 

On election day, I always think back to this experience and how grateful I feel for America's order, conduct, and civility towards the sacred right of voting. For everyone caught up in the seemingly endless upheaval and turmoil of divisive politics, remember that we're all Americans and entitled to our own view of how our country should be run. Diversity on all levels is what makes this country great. Embrace the process and your friends or family who might share opposing views because no matter the outcome we'll wake up tomorrow and still need to share the streets, restaurants, and this beautiful country together. 

Margie Boyd - A Bar A Ranch - Wyoming - Photo © Mac Stone

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  1. Civility? If some one's first instagram post is to be belived it was from her I am soo Blue