Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Love for the Swamp

Mac Stone BBC Swamp

For those of you that missed it in the bookstores, BBC Wildlife Magazine did a 13-page feature portfolio on my work in America's Swamps. This was pretty exciting for me as a photographer, but especially significant from a wetland conservationist standpoint. We're finally getting swamps some positive PR!
The BBC staff are top notch. They're extremely thorough, inquisitive, and insightful; so when I was going back and forth with them about the layout and captions, it was a surprisingly painless process. The only complaint that they expressed was not having enough pages for the images I submitted. Can't get better feedback than that!

If you'd like to check out the actual portfolio complete with captions in PDF version: Click Here 

Or, you can find the online gallery of some of these photos here: America's Swamps


  1. That's a really fantastic spread! Thank you for sharing it with us - I hope it sparks some renewed interest in protecting and restoring swampland habitat.

    1. Thanks! Well, we'll never know what kind of direct effect it has, but we can hope it might inspire someone to romp around and fall in love with a wetland..

  2. Awesome Mac!! congratulations!

  3. I love the baby deer one... really did take my eyes a second to see it. Great job friend.