Friday, February 24, 2012


Juveniles and adults preen Lake Ingram in morning light

You may remember a post I did back in August of last year where I freaked out about getting to see my first flamingo in Florida Bay. Pete Frezza and I pulled around for nearly 15 miles trying to get a good glimpse of that one bird and I thought it would be my last chance. Oddly, this year for a period of about three months a group of 19 flamingos found refuge in Lake Ingram. A frenzy ensued with birders, photographers, and anglers trying to get good looks at these birds, and there they were; a mix of adults and juveniles not 20 yards from one of the busiest channels in the park. Biologists are guessing they're Bahamian birds and hopeful that they'll continue to use Cape Sable as a foraging ground. I just stoked I was able to see this incredible sight before they flew back home.

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  1. AWESOME!! Thanks for posting these wonderful pink and blue photos and letting us know about the sighting, Mac. That must have been amazing to see!