Wednesday, June 29, 2011

"Swept Away"

Swept Away - Florida Bay
Two weeks ago I made a new image in Florida Bay that will become part of my print portfolio. I was having trouble coming up with a title that resonated with me personally and spoke to the transient nature of this wonderful place so I called on some help. After posting the image to Facebook, I asked all my friends for their ideas to give this photo the last creative "umph" that it needed. In exchange for their brilliant nuggets, I offered an 8 x 12 matted and signed print to the winner. I didn't expect too many people to respond, but after three days, there were 100 comments with all kinds of inspiring input. I was so overwhelmed by everyone's enthusiasm. I had a tough time deciding which one would define this new image, but I kept coming back to one in particular. Caitlin Sandersen Friedman, and old friend from high school came up with the winning title "Swept Away." I love it when art becomes collaborative!  

The new print will now be available at my running gallery in The Great Frame Up in Gainesville, Florida or online through my website If you'd like to get in on the next title contest, find me on Facebook!

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