Friday, April 22, 2011

NPR Interview

Me with Amy Tardif in NPR's WGCU studio in Ft Myers, FL

This afternoon I drove out to Ft Myers for an interview with National Public Radio's WGCU member station hosted by Amy Tardif. The topic was Florida's water and the various uses of multimedia to communicate the importance of maintaining and restoring our state's compromised hydrology. I spoke for the second half of the program after Clyde Butcher and Elam Stoltzfus. Although it was a long drive to get there, I had a great time talking about the new projects I'm working on for National Audubon and also my ongoing photography portfolio on swamps of the east coast. I'm just happy I didn't stumble too badly over my words! If you missed the live stream that I linked to on facebook and twitter, you can listen to the audio track here or on my website.

For more information on NPR's WGCU or to hear the full interview check out their website


  1. U keep this up You'll be the replacement for Bill Nye the science guy. Keep sounding the drum. I see key chains, calendars posters art fairs, coffee table books children's books. ooooh, suggested title Mamas of the Everglades pictures of Mom and her brood-- be it the alligator or a turtle.

  2. WLRN is probably closer anyway work up a segment to pitch and call them.