Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July

What else could be more patriotic than celebrating America’s independence on a ranch in the Cowboy State?

One thing is for certain: A Bar A knows how to throw down. Over 400 people attend the celebration, 200 of which come from the neighboring towns (more like villages), to eat, drink, and watch some explosions in the sky.

Sparklers by the hundreds are handed out with children running and dancing behind them.

Children of all ages.

4th of July, especially here, holds a sort of timelessness; maybe it's the cowboy hats or maybe it's the subtle smell of horse manure wafting in from the corral. Regardless, nothing epitomizes the spirit of the wild west as accurately as the ranching culture. Viewed by some as the most productive and effective stewards of land conservation, cowboys and ranchers dedicate their lives to learning the natural rhythms and idiosyncrasies of their land.

Although techniques and equipment have evolved since the 19th century, most of the traditional values and practices attributed to the cowboy still remain. Their persistence and enduring resolve, regardless of the technologically driven world on the periphery, adhere them to an ancient code of ethics. They remain forever idolized as an American icon of freedom and independence.

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