Saturday, June 27, 2009

Mile High Cookout

Named after a mysterious cowboy who lived and died amidst the gnarled ponderosa pines and coarse sagebrush, Slim’s Draw leads to the top of one of the highest mountains on the ranch property. Every Friday night the ranch hosts a cookout for guests and invited staff members. Bathed in Wyoming’s special brand of late afternoon light, Slim’s Draw offers a spectacular lookout on the North Platte Valley.

For the city slickers and east-coasters, their childhood love affairs of western freedom and wildness are consummated here. Cottonwood crackles in a burn pit, horses stir in the corral, folk songs dance off the frets of an acoustic guitar, and the smell of grilled meats and beans weighs heavy on the wind.

In celebratory fashion, children are escorted up the winding road in a restored fire engine from the 1950’s - its bright red frame glowing against thunderous skies in the distance.

As the sun dances over the mountains on the horizon, a few rays ignite the rain clouds in a fiery orange.

With full bellies and shuffling boots, the crowd disperses and heads for the catch pin to saddle up before the two-hour ride home.

In the distance, familiar silhouettes briefly crest the ridge as the last light of dusk gives way to the night.

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