Friday, April 24, 2009

Swamp Stomp

The largest cypress tree on the Beidler property.

While this blog post may not have much to do with photography, it's another reason why I love the lowlands. A coworker of mine showed me this tree about three weeks ago since it's one of the biggest on the Beidler Forest property. Getting there is an adventure, trudging through waist-high black water and battling the swarms of noseeums. Surrounding this woody behemoth, contorted cypress knees seem to bubble like lava from the water's surface. Generally speaking, the older the tree, the more gnarly the knee. And when played with a hand or a stick, their varying sizes and shapes offer a wide range of organic tones from deep baritones to tinny tenors. I had the idea to bring out a few friends to make some real swamp music, with real swamp instruments. So without further ado, I bring you Swamp Stomp.


  1. :) i liked the pileated call

  2. That was amazing. I was with the Clemson university group last weekend. Do you haeany pics from that day?

  3. I recognize that drummer! Know him well. Very cool Mac!
    It reminds me of what they said about Thoreau... "he didn't have to go to Boston to hear the symphony"

  4. That was awesome! It's great to be able to keep up with your adventures.

  5. Mac -- Sent this to the Beidler family -- they loved it! -- Bill (3 lots south on Kanapaha Prairie)

  6. I'm a musician of sorts. This ratifies what I have often thought, even said a couple of times. You do not find music, music finds you.

    I got this link off Terry Hershey's web site. Thank you for good information, beautiful pictures, and soul food.